Florida and I are getting MARRIED and words can’t express how happy, excited, and in looooove I am!


Our wedding date is 04/29/17 and although we have a year until the day, things are definitely rolling. I’m going to do more posts specific to the planning, so I’ll go into more detail but some things we already have booked or have decided on -




Ok, so I’m sure there’s still a lot to plan but I feel pretty good about these decisions so far and with the help of pinterest I have a good idea about the overall look we’re going for.

In other news I’m feeling really good health wise. Knees are feeling good, body is feeling strong and I’ve been up to my usual fitness in the gym every morning. If there’s one thing I’m really trying to work on lately, it’s getting rid of artificial sugars and really embracing lots of whole food, greens and WATER. I have an addiction to Monster Energy drinks, we all know this, I LOVE them! But MUST give them up. It’s a process…I’m processing.

That was my check-in. Quick but I’m back and wanted to start somewhere with a little update. I’ll be back this week and really excited to be blogging again.

So this is 30

It’s been months now that I’ve been staring at the blog; telling myself I’m going to write again, that I’m going to just sit down and say something…anything. But of course, every day I put it off – I find something better to do, and distract myself so that I don’t have to figure out something witty to grab your attention, but today I’m here with my computer, sitting at my favorite little coffee shop on Siesta Key and I thought …A LOT has happened in my life since the last time I made an entry. Way too much that it might actually bore you if I go into too much detail, so here are some highlights-

I moved….to Florida…with Florida

I started a new job

Got a new car

And…I turned 30. Joy…

So the turning 30 part wasn’t actually as bad as I imagined it would be because well, I may or may not have been getting extreme agita the entire month before my birthday, almost dreading the day I wasn’t in my 20s anymore. Tell me I’m not the only one….?

Florida took me to Miami and we had the most amazing time. I feel so so  lucky…so so loved. We enjoyed the beach, the nightlife; exploring and just relaxing…it was the perfect getaway for us!

Now we’re back to reality and it hit me again…I’m 30! And what do I have to show for myself?

So I started thinking about it again, and maybe this is my mature 30 year old mind doing the thinking now, but what do I have to show for myself? A lot actually! I was pretty down before the day because I always pictured a different life at this age – that’s the part that I think got me down the most. And not down in the sense that I don’t love my life now  - more that I felt behind in life. Is that even possible? What If I had everything I thought I would right at this moment and at this age? I.e. Married, babies, the whole kit and caboodle…then I’m almost positive there would be other things I wished I had, other things I wished I accomplished and experienced.

It’s never enough, is it? My little epiphany, the one that drew me back here today, is that I’m going to make it enough. I have a pretty rad little life and an amazing boyfriend and support system here in Florida. It’s time to enjoy life where I’m at and let everything happen that’s supposed to happen. This life I’m living is now turning out to be everything I didn’t even know I wanted, and how lucky am I that I get the experiences and adventures that I’ll remember forever which will only make everything else that much better in the future.

But I digress

I feel like I’m really productive when I’m actively blogging, and not just productive as in not sitting on the couch and watching mindless TV (I’ll always do that. Duh.) I mean blogging has always helped motivate me to go after the things I’m most passionate about. Fitness, adventures, happiness, taking chances….

So I’m going to make an effort to blog multiple times a week and see what transpires this year. Once again, I’m in a brand new city (one that I love, might I add.) I’m really excited to start a new journey in my 30s with new goals and aspirations.

And honestly, if this is 30….

…..then I’m pretty stoked

homemade almond milk and creamsicle cubes

I’ve been completely obsessed with Almond Milk lately – going through it at a rapid speed with all the fun milkshake and smoothies I’ve been making. So instead of dropping $$$ on a carton every few days I thought it’d be fun to make my own! Plus, I’ve been having so much fun experimenting in the kitchen lately that it only seemed right to give this a shot.

The 1st step was soaking 1 cup of raw almonds overnight

I should have done a side by side because it’s crazy how alive the almonds look after soaking in comparison to out of the bag.

I soaked the almonds throughout the night and throughout the whole day while I was at work. When I was ready to make the milk I drained them from the water they were soaking In and put the almonds in a blender with 4 cups of filtered water. Then, all you do is blend.

Ok, there’s more too it but seriously how cool is that? It’s milk!

Once you blend it for a good 2-3 minutes and it’s completely smooth you’ll need to strain the milk so you can catch all of the almond pieces. We used a cheesecloth and it worked pretty well. A little messy but I’ll just prepare better next time!

And there you have it – homemade almond milk.

You can obviously spruce it up if you’d like and add some sweetness to it – Agave, maple syrup maybe, whatever your little heart desires….

We decided to bottle up some of the plain almond milk and then do something fun with the other half. We blended a handful of frozen blueberries and 1 ounce of agave to make a beautiful light purple colored milk – this picture doesn’t even do it justice, this color was amazing.

We poured the milk in giant ice cube trays to make popsicles which is funny since we obviously don’t have any sticks in there. Oh well, we’ll call these….creamsicle cubes! Sounds like something you’d eat with your hands. Right? We also stuck some whole blueberries in which you can see surfacing. Ugh, so beautiful!

Well we let those sit overnight so I’m still not sure how it’s come out. Can’t wait to go home and eat!

just do it

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was so extremely relaxing, I really really really didn’t want it to end.

It was a busy one though, clearly –

I’m obsessed with my fitbit. You can see it was a productive day over here. Florida had a guys night/weekend and I was in our place by myself Friday night with lots of energy to burn, so I decided to clean the house from top to bottom. His BFF was coming by the next morning, so obviously I wanted it to be super clean for him and I’m not going to lie – I love to clean! So although I wasn’t out and about, I would hardly call it a lame Friday night. I had such a good time running around our place, watching fun shows…doing all those things you can’t do around boys…

Then Saturday morning came and I was NOT super stoked about my workout, so I may or may not have had 2 3 cups of coffee and a Monster to get me going

For the most part I wake up every day and jump out of bed with excitement to workout. I know, I’m a weirdo – I just love it! However; I am human and there are just simply days when I’m less than thrilled about it and would much rather curl up and watch Netflix, or get an extra hour or 2 of sleep before work. But here’s the deal – I made a commitment to myself and I’m finally starting to see the progress and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re strong enough to reach the goals that you set for yourself. So although I was feeling so incredibly NOT excited about working out that I had to take a selfie to prove it

I went out and got it done. Seriously, sometimes the hardest part is just getting to the gym or wherever you’re going. Once you’re there you’re almost guaranteed to start getting pumped up for it. And if not, there’s always Monster….

compromising with my inner workout freak

Listening to your body is essential to a healthy, fit and active life. As much I want to go go go there are days when my body pushes back and tells me to take it easy. Years ago I would never have listened – I’d tell myself to suck it up and think I was that much better by pushing through pain, fatigue, and injuries. I’d like to think I’m in a different mindset now and that I’m strong enough to tell that inner workout freak to shut up and rest – but we all know it’s not always that easy, especially when you have goals.

TBT to me – sad and injured after way too much running when my body was clearly telling me to back off. I spent 2 months rolling out my IT band with a tennis ball and trying to ease the tension around my knee

So this morning there was a compromise between that inner workout freak and my ever evolving self…the legs were a bit sore from my lower body workout on Tuesday and as I was walking up the stairs to enter the gym I felt a nagging pain in my foot along the side of my heel. Nothing that worried me too much, just something that made me think I needed a low impact day. So instead of running on the stairs and cooling off on the treadmill I decided to ride the bike for 45 minutes and actually gave myself quite the little spin workout while also giving my feet a  break from the pounding. It’s so easy to forget how good it feels to change things up every once and a while.

Once I was done with cardio I had just enough time to get in the back and arm workout I had planned. Question for all the women out there who love to work arms and build strong biceps….How do guys feel about your muscles? Do they think it’s sexy? Are they scared you’ll get too big?

I’ve had many conversations with Florida about his and my thoughts on what kind of body we find attractive. For myself, I love muscle and looking tight and toned – I’m fascinated by the science and hard work that it takes to build the body you want. I know there are women out there who are afraid to lift because they don’t want to get “bulky” but I feel like there are equally as many men who will agree!

I’ll never get big and buff because it’s simply not my goal; however, I do love a good pump.

So Florida will have to deal. :P

But I digress,

Breakfast this morning was 3 egg whites and a few strawberries to add some fruit in my life. Followed by a boring bowl of oatmeal that I didn’t snap a picture of.

Mahi Mahi for lunch and I already can’t wait!

Have a great day!