I’m back!

Vacation was an absolute blast. My 29th birthday was one I’ll remember forever. Florida (the guy AND the state) was such a fantastic time – hot as **** but heaven. We took total advantage of being on vacation and made it our time to completely relax.
We have a sort of “tradition” if you will; every time he picks me up from the airport we drive straight to a beach, walk along the water and watch the sunset. This time we were really lucky. We stopped in Anna Maria and almost immediately after stepping onto the sand we witnessed a bunch of baby turtles hatching and traveling out into the ocean for the first time.
It was actually a pretty magical experience to witness – it set the tone for an equally magical vacation.
The 1st few nights we spent at his parents house which was amazing. I woke up the 1st morning as a newly 29 year old (OY) His mother and I were spoiled with a 4 course breakfast made with my eating habits and likes in mind -
Grapefruit Brule
Greek Yogurt Parfait
Asparagus and Poached Eggs with a dash of Saracha
Last but certainly not least – Green Drink
It was amazing!
More to come in future posts about our time in Siesta Key.
As far as workouts and food – I took this time as a complete vacation. I didn’t workout, I ate what I wanted, I drank and I enjoyed it all so much. Now I’m back to reality and with a knee that’s feeling a lot better and a body that has clearly been on vaca, this girl is kicking her own but and back at it.
This whole week I started my mornings with either stairs or the bike for 30-35 minutes followed by weights. To end my days I either did a yoga class or 45 minutes of reading on the bike just to get myself moving a little after sitting all day at work.
Do you ever feel like there’s a big change that’s about to be made in your life but you’re not aware of what it is yet? I feel it. It’’s coming….I guess I’ll have to wait and see what it is.

Buh Bye 20s

Welp, the sun is setting on my 20s and I’ll be honest – I’ve joked for many years about not wanting to get older, but really, I didn’t mind too much. This year however, I’m getting a little weirded out by the fact that this will be my last year in my 20s. I know I know, 30 isn’t old – Not even close. I just haven’t accomplished everything I thought I would by this time in my life. I’m actually so far from where I “thought” I’d be, if I had any idea at all.

Let’s see…

When I was in my teens I had this vision; I’d meet the man of my dreams at a young age and get married by 23-ish. Young? Yes. But we’d have years of just the two of us – Traveling, exploring the world and each other. Then, around 26 or 27 we’d start having a family. I wanted to be a young mother and thought this to be the perfect age to start having kids, it gave me plenty of time to create the massive family I was envisioning.


Now, I’m about to be 29. I’m not married and my priorities have changed a bit. Yes, I want the romance and love but the marriage and family aren’t necessarily the top of the list anymore. I want to be successful, healthy, happy, independent, well traveled and would absolutely adore sharing the man of my dreams, but It’s all about where life takes me. I actually feel really lucky that I didn’t meet him at such a young age because then maybe I wouldn’t have become who I am today.

When I think about the person I was at 23 and the person I am now…..oh boy have I changed! I’m so fortunate to have had these years to grow and learn – I feel so much more confident in who I am and who I want to be with. Life is a constant journey and it’s really interesting to look back at how I got here…

From beach girl to city girl. San Diego to Chicago. Single to Florida…. ;)

This all happened for a reason.

But I digress.

The purpose of this post was actually to highlight my LAST year in my 20’s. What I would really love to do is make a list – a list of things I’d like to accomplish or experience this last year. There’s nothing wrong with 30 at all! But for me, I think it’d be pretty rad to give myself some motivation to do some things I either haven’t gotten to or never thought of doing. A bucket list, if you will, for my 20s.

Now, where to begin….

OH, and can’t forget to post for Sweaty Monday

Sweaty Friday and Some Inspiration

Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning feeling a little lethargic physically yet completely inspired mentally and emotionally.
I think sometimes I have a hard time identifying the 2. I push myself pretty hard physically, always. Whether I’m taking it easy or not – I’m usually still more active and intense than many on most days.
So it’s normal for me to feel a little tired and run down. It’s my body asking me to rest a little and this morning, I obliged.
After a sweaty Friday…
I think a relaxing yoga class will be just what I need. I actually headed out to the gym this morning in hopes of doing a little cardio, then some work and back for yoga. I made it to the gym and got on the stairs; did about 10 minutes of intervals and I was done – I’m just not there and that’s OK.
However, yesterday was another story. I did 30 minutes of intervals on the stairs followed by a great chest/shoulder workout that looked like this -
4×12 dumbbell chest press
4×12 incline chest press
4×12 seated cable flies
In between each set I did a series of ab workouts that looked like this -
20 knee tuck crunches
20 russian twists with 10# dummbell
side planks
Mixed all of these throughout to keep my heart rate up.
Back to my feeling inspired….
I am! Call it struggle, call it positive and happy influences in my life – whatever it is, it’s lighting a fire under me to take control and live the life I love. We all have setbacks; some harder, longer and more difficult to overcome than others, but that doesn’t mean we forget and it doesn’t mean we give up. We deal with what life and ourselves hand us and figure out how it can make us stronger. We learn from mistakes, grow from every experience – I’m the person I am today for many reasons and some of them were not always pleasant. Some of them were straight up hard! But I’m here with a kind heart and a soul on fire, ready to continue enjoying this precious and amazing life.  I want to continue to surround myself with positive/kind energy and constant motivation.
So that’s what I’ll do…


The knee…the knee…everyone asks about the knee. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and concerns. It’s doing really well right now *knock on wood* and I couldn’t be happier about my recovery. I’m trying to take it easy and not put too much pressure on it, which we all know is hard for me seeing as I love to not take it easy. But if moving to Chicago has taught me anything; it’s that I really need to listen to my body, and the older I get the more I really need to fuel, exercise and rest as much as it calls for.

This morning at the gym I started with 4.5 miles. Yep. And I know that may seem like I’m pushing it; however, I’m going to back off for the next few days and do something with less impact – bike, elliptical, incline walking…

I felt good though. Really good! I followed this with a back/bi workout with a little leg in the mix that looked like this-

All Supersets –

4×12 seated row  – incline bicep curls

4×12 lat pull down – barbell curls

4×12 bent over barbell row – hammer curls

4×12 one legged deadlift – dumbbell rotation curl

This afternoon, after work, I’ll probably step into a yoga class if I can make it on time –  I’m in need of some serious savasana. If you didn’t catch my post last year about reaching yoga bliss, you can catch it HERE.

Me, post bliss

My yoga teacher this weekend actually talked a lot about it – as if it were some mythical feeling that is rarely reached by yogi’s. I’m dying to do some more research on this now, and I will, but for now – I feel lucky to have experienced it.

Confessions of a Single Girl, Part III

I have a fascination with foot photos; specifically my own, as I feel the need to take pictures of them in different places. This is siesta key and who knows, maybe someday you’ll see  them in Paris or Greece…
There’s a new someone in my life. We shall name him…….Florida!
I’m not a picky eater at all (others might debate that) but I’m really not. When I’m not consciously trying to eat healthy and make the right choices I’ll indulge and try just about anything.
As an addendum to the above statement and mentioned before, I actually refuse to eat cole slaw. Can’t even look at it on my plate. Uh uhhhh, won’t do it! Anything else!
Many nights I indulge in single behavior and eat dinner standing at my kitchen counter, while either blasting music or reading.  I have perfectly useful bar stools; however, sometimes I really just prefer to stand…
A longboard is my new ride
I miss San Diego. I miss the beach. I miss my life on the West Coast, dearly
I just found out the Seinfeld might be coming to Netflix and I may or may not have jumped up and down in my kitchen and yelled YIPPEEEEEE.
Please don’t judge me…

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