Confessions of a Single Girl, Part III

I have a fascination with foot photos; specifically my own, as I feel the need to take pictures of them in different places. This is siesta key and who knows, maybe someday you’ll see  them in Paris or Greece…
There’s a new someone in my life. We shall name him…….Florida!
I’m not a picky eater at all (others might debate that) but I’m really not. When I’m not consciously trying to eat healthy and make the right choices I’ll indulge and try just about anything.
As an addendum to the above statement and mentioned before, I actually refuse to eat cole slaw. Can’t even look at it on my plate. Uh uhhhh, won’t do it! Anything else!
Many nights I indulge in single behavior and eat dinner standing at my kitchen counter, while either blasting music or reading.  I have perfectly useful bar stools; however, sometimes I really just prefer to stand…
A longboard is my new ride
I miss San Diego. I miss the beach. I miss my life on the West Coast, dearly
I just found out the Seinfeld might be coming to Netflix and I may or may not have jumped up and down in my kitchen and yelled YIPPEEEEEE. Don’t judge me…

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I can’t believe it. I did about 120 flights of stairs this morning and absolutely no pain. I don’t want to jinx it (because I usually do) but I am so stoked!

I just got back from Florida yesterday. My trip in general was absolutely amazing but I took the time off of working out completely and let myself eat lotsa delicious food! Quite honestly, I don’t think my knee would be healing this well if I didn’t take 2 large chunks of time off from working out – I know that it’s what is really helping. I’m still going to take it easy (don’t you worry) but I was a little anxious to work up a sweat and see what this baby was capable of.

After stairs I did a quick back and bi workout with


Bicep Curls

Pull Ups

Pull Downs

Hammer Curls

OK, back to Florida….

This is my second time within the last few months that I’ve been back, to Sarasota more specifically. You could say there’s a reason…. J Aside from a pretty spectacular reason, I’m drawn to the beach – it’s my happy place and when I’m there I feel at home.

I was thinking that I’d really love to highlight some rad spots and restaurants that I’ve experienced there, so I’m not going to go into too much detail now. I’ll just leave you with some pictures


Chondrom – whaaaa?

Chondromalacia sucks!

That’s what I have! After running the Ragnar Relay a month ago I’m still suffering from knee pain and after a few weeks of physical therapy, x-rays and an MRI it turns out that although I don’t have any tears or stress fractures I do indeed have the condition I mentioned above.

I’d never heard of it before so I was a little confused when I first heard the news. Basically the cartilage under my knee cap has deteriorated and softened after years of being active; running stairs, running on the pavement, squatting, lunging, etc. I guess it’s been a work in progress really but the 20 miles from RR really put me over the edge. Now that I’m in physical therapy we’re working on strengthening my quads and hips and to be honest – it’s helping. No joke, I was in severe pain for 2 whole weeks!

Now that I’m doing my exercises and taking it easy I’m obviously starting to recover and feel relief. As of right now I’m still able to do weights with the exception of legs – no deep weighted squats or lunges. Booo – I love those! But I’m doing my leg raises, foam rolling, stretches, etc. and it’s workin like a charm. I’m even aloud to cycle which is huge because I wasn’t able to do any cardio for a while and well…I like to sweat!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and recovery.


It’s one of those days where I miss home a lot. I often wonder if I made the right decision moving to Chicago. I’ve always wanted to try to live in a big city and it was the perfect timing for me – I know I would have regretted not doing this eventually. So maybe it was the right decision?

All I can say right now is that I desperately miss my family and friends back home. I think I’m being sentimental because I was reminiscing this morning with a TBT -
I’m missing this little monkey grow up and it’s killin me!
Ok, enough of the mush.
I’m still recovering from my run this past weekend. My knee is really buggin me and it hasn’t been easy to find time to rest and give it proper care – I’ve been on the go and I know it just needs some time to heal. I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy my latest read -
Oh Chuck – you crack me up. You can check out the book here. If you’ve followed my blog then you know that I’m a big Palahniuk fan. He’s a genius! I wish I could live inside of his head for a day and just observe what goes on up there – you have to have a lot goin on up there to put out the words that he does. I’m only a few chapters in but already I’m giggling out loud and hooked. I’ll keep you posted with a review when I’m done.

Ragnar Relay Chicago

Ragnar Relay Chicago was a blast!

This year I took part in Ragnar Chicago – a relay race that goes from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago!
It was just as fun as last year. I was on a team with a ton of people I didn’t know but we all had an amazing adventure together – something to remember forever! We had a team of 12 – 6 in each van. Our team name was #Running so it was only appropriate that we hashtagged the crap out of our van
After spending so 30 + hours locked in a vehicle together you come up with some funny inside jokes that we couldn’t help but add to the decor.
Here’s my group
What a team!
I ran a total of 20.7 miles
I’m not going to lie – there’s pain behind that smile. The last run was almost 10 miles and I talked myself through the whole thing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t train for this at all – I was coming off my hip flexor injury and as my hip was feeling strong, I thought I’d be safe. Next time I’ll know better. Train Train Train!
My knee is hurting pretty bad today but I’m hoping that it’s a little sprain and aggravated from such a long run coming from nothing. We’ll see. I’m icing, resting and elevating and I’m hoping that does the trick. This view alone made it all pretty worth it. I watched the sunrise on my 2nd run and got to sit and enjoy it for a bit when I was done.