My Favorite Day


We made it through another week—it felt like a long one but the weekend is finally heeeeeere!

A couple of things that absolutely MADE my morning-

#1 Oats


I swear I wake up every morning, mouth watering, SO excited for my morning oatmeal!

In the mix-

½ cup oats

1 Cup Water

1 Tbs Organic Pumpkin

1 Tbs Flaxseed

1 Tbs Almond Butter

I was pretty much licking the bowl when I was done—tasted like dessert!

Can’t forget my yellow? Egg whites from Costco


#2 The book-Something Borrowed is becoming a MOVIE!


GAH! I absolutely just fell IN LOVE with this book a few years ago, along with all of Emily Griffin’s others of course. I actually remember having the conversation with The BFF about who we could see playing the part of each character (of course I don’t remember who I chose) but I LOVE the actual cast so far!

For those of you who have read it- Kate Hudson will be playing Darcy & Ginnifer Goodwin will be playing Rachel! LOVE it! 

Gym time-

Last night was Chest & Triceps day-

1×10 Incline Chest Press 20# Total 40#

2×10 Incline Chest Press 25# Total 50# Boooooooya! Yep, 50 pounds!

1×6 Incline Chest Press 25# Total 50# this was to failure—couldn’t lift anymore!

3x 10 Chests Press 20#

3×10 Peck Deck Fly 20#

3×10 Triceps Pushdowns 20#

3x 10 Lever Chests Press 40#

3×10 Skull Crushers 20#

3×10 Triceps Kickbacks 10#


3×10 Cable Seated Row 60#

3×10 Lat Pull Down 65#

This time I followed my workout with 20 Min of HIIT on the Stairs. Usually I do my cardio before weights, which I know is a total faux pas, but for some reason it gets me pumped and actually gives me MORE energy than if I were to do it afterwards. But I was lifting with The Boo and he got RIGHT down to business—unfortunately I didn’t have the energy I usually do! I made it through and actually broke a few PRs soooo maybe it wasn’t so bad!

I have a question for all of you Gym-Goers. How do you feel about Gym etiquette? Personally I feel that there are a few rules that should never be broken in the gym-

  1. Share equipment-don’t hog 1 machine for an hour—let people work in while you rest
  2. Clean up your SWEAT- Nothing worse than getting on a machine and putting your hand into someone else’s mess! ICK!
  3. Unload your weights when you’re done-this is high up there on the list for me being a girl and being new to the weight room—half of the weights that are left on the machine I can’t even lift off (that’s when a Boo comes in handy) so it’d be nice if it were empty when I wanted to use it!
  4. Good Hygiene-Please wear deodorant! Please DON’T wear an excessive amount of perfume or cologne!  *cough* Thank you!
  5. Don’t Throw or Drop Weights- It’s scary and you could really hurt someone!

Do you have any pet peeves at the gym? Any golden rules you feel should never be broken?

After the gym I made some Cod that I had left from earlier in the week—


And then I officially decided that I DO NOT like Cod. Have you ever thought you liked something but then you come to realize that ehhhh you’re just not that crazy about it? I’m not a picky eater—I’ll pretty much eat ANYTHING. Until now….no Cod for me! It’s a shame too because it’s pretty much the best choice of fish and has SO many health benefits! I guess I’m just a Salmon kinda gal.

I did still eat it and everything else was great-


Brown Rice-Aparagus-Spainch salad topped w/ some Salsa

Dessert was some more Cottage Cheese….mmmmm! LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be going HERE on Saturday in Downtown San Diego for a birthday dinna and then out on the town…hope the weather stays as beautiful as it has been!

13 comments to My Favorite Day

  • TheBoo

    Yum your dinner looks so good. Yup I would have to say not a big fan of tossing the weights either hahahahahahahahaha. Or getting them tossed at you.

  • I hate when people talk on cell phones at the gym. I don’t want to listen to people’s conversations when I’m trying to work out!

  • Tay

    Oh I love those books!! How exciting :-)

  • Um apologizo ;) did you say a MOVIE . . . so exciting, those books were really cute and entertaining.

  • That book sounds like it will make an awesome movie- how cool! Agree with alll of your gym rules. And I usually end up doing cardio before weights – there is some science between doing it one way or the other, but I think you really should do whatever works best for you! Everyone is different!! Great dinner too. I had some asparagus out last night and we’re having it again at home tonight- cannot wait

  • The tossing weights thing drives me insane!

    I like to do cardio before weights too. I always do that!

  • Oh, I think I will ”google” this book now. I love fish, but I wasn’t that into Cod either. Oh, well plenty fish in the sea.

  • I hate almost all fish – tilapia has a weird aftertaste to me – but then I discovered Chilean sea bass – holy yum is that good! Only problem?? It’s $19.99 a pound at my store!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  • Cod is a weird fish to me too, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t….maybe depends on how it is prepared?
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! (I guess it isn’t over yet, but feels too close to over for me!!)

  • Hmmm, I know I’ve had cod but I can’t actually remember what it tastes like, lol! I haven’t read Something Borrowed but I love Kate Hudson so I’ll definitely have to see the movie! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! :)

  • My rule is NO WEARING STREET CLOTHES! Hate when guys workout in jeans and work boots. And ladies..put your hair in a ponytail…you know your head and hair are getting all sweaty, who are you kidding!
    adventures in tri-ing

  • The BFF

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY SOMETHING BORROWED! March of next year is just too far.
    I’m not sure I’ve actually ever HAD cod? Mayhaps I shall try it out!

    People who throw weights should be banned from the gym. Period. Also, girls who insist on wearing lots of makeup to work out. Just accept you aren’t going to look all made up by the end of your sesh already. :P

  • Oh my goodness, that dinner looks amazing! And also, where did you get the organic pumpkin from? A can?

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